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As a collective this year, we hope to focus on 4 inaugural themes: Academics, Increasing Diversity in Governance, Student Outreach, and Working Effectively With the McMaster Science Society (MSS). We hope that our efforts help science students get more out of their education here at McMaster by making it more enjoyable. 

Theme #1: Academics

​Our academics pillar focuses on making improvements to your academic experience here at McMaster. We have decided to focus our efforts on making inquiry courses accessible to you, advocate for more accessible blended learning, and a more teaching focused faculty. 

Theme #2: Diversity / Representation in Governance

There are a range of barriers that students face in getting involved, particularly with governing bodies. This platform is to help identify the barriers and how we can help to alleviate them.


As a governing body ourselves, engaging in dialogue and discourse pertaining to these barriers sets a direction and opens the gate of communication and a multitude of perspectives from students within the faculty of science. 

Theme #3: Outreach

This pillar is dedicated to making ourselves as student representative more accessible and available to you, our consitiuients. We are planning to outreach to students through our open meetings, SRA Science committee, SRA Science Newsletters, and social media outlets. We want students to not only know who we are but also feel comfortable approaching us.

Theme #4: Working with the MSS

We are incredibly excited to partner with the McMaster Science Society on some flagship projects this year to bring science students an incredible academic year! We also hope to use the MSS as a method of receiving feedback for our efforts.

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