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The Student Employment Grant (SEG) began in 2020 to support students during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, many employers were unable to offer employment opportunities to students due to financial constraints. In 2021, the purpose of the SEG was reimagined in order to be able to keep offering this grant to students. The SEG now focuses on creating employment opportunities that are relevant to a student’s educational goals.

This year, $50,000 has been allocated to our Student Employment Grants (SEG), which supports employers who aren't in a place financially to hire short-term employees, leaving them short-staffed even though many students are available to work. A maximum of $1,000 per student for one opportunity during a single four-month academic term is available. Please note that only undergraduate students within the Faculty of Science are eligible to apply.

The following will not be eligible for funding: 
Hours worked prior to two weeks before the date of submission of this application. If the student is already employed in another position during the  same four-month academic term of the opportunity. Positions in which the employer is a family member of the student. Employers who have already received MSS SEG funding for 3 McMaster students for the current four-month academic term. Opportunities that will be used for academic credit in any educational institution      


In order to apply for funding from this grant, you must complete an application by submitting the Google Form linked on the left. The MSS Grants and Funds Directors will evaluate the application, and a decision regarding your application will then be emailed to you. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until March 1st, 2022.  All decisions regarding the allocation of funds are based on the quality of the application and the cost of the opportunity; these decisions are final. A strong application demonstrates critical reflection on the value of the opportunity.  

All inquiries regarding the application process should be forwarded to the Grants & Funds Directors at The funding will be released to the employer after hours are worked, and a time sheet has been signed and verified by the MSS.

Once your application has been successfully approved and you have worked your approved hours, you can submit proof of hour completion through the Google form linked on this page. Once this has been verified by the MSS, the funds will be released directly to the employer. 

Application Timeline

  1. Students obtain an eligible employment opportunity and reach an agreement between them and an employer to apply for the MSS SEG.

  2. Complete and submit this application.

  3. Receive MSS approval for funding.

  4. Complete the hours agreed upon with the employer, and submit documentation as proof (using the Hours Submission form:

  5. After hours have been verified by the MSS Grants & Funds Directors, the employer will receive a cheque within 2 weeks.     

Term I Important Dates:

Applications are considered on a rolling basis until March 2022!


Deadline for SEG applications: None

SIF Office Hours:

Every Friday from 1:30 - 2:30

Email to schedule an appointment outside of office hours

A message from the Grants & Funds Directors:


Dear MacSci,


This year we, the Grants and Funds Directors (previously SIF Directors) have seen a role change where we have taken on all three of the grants and funds offered by the MSS: the SIF, the SEG, and the SOG. We look forward to continuing the work that began with the VP Finance in 2021 to be able to offer this grant to you.


We are always working to improve the user experience and accessibility of the MSS grants and funds. This year, we have the following objectives: 1) improving our social media presence and student outreach, 2) making our application process and website more accessible and user-friendly, and 3) collaborating with and expanding our wonderful board of directors. The Science Initiative Fund has the potential to aid the feasibility of many meaningful projects within the Faculty of Science and McMaster as a whole, and we would like to encourage more individuals and groups to take advantage of this resource.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have; we look forward to talking to you about the SEG.


Christian Jacobsen-Perez, Keshikaa Suthaaharan & Other

Grants & Funds Directors

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