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Virtual Volunteer Fair Associations

Frontier College:

Frontier College relies on volunteers to assist their tutoring services, reading stories; helping with special events; and working for the Frontier College Book Donation Program. While volunteers don't need to have teaching experience, they should: be open to a variety of people and experiences, have English or French language skills, and be enthusiastic, patient, flexible, and creative.

Hand Over Hand Network:


Hand Over Hand volunteers can choose to be involved in many programs: Adaptive Yoga Program, Social Group, Parent Social Group, and Pen Pal Program. They are accepting of volunteers with varying degrees of experience and provide comprehensive training before you begin. Many volunteers have an interest in art, health care, recreation, medicine, or social services!

Learning Disability Association of Halton:


This organization offers a large variety of opportunities for volunteers through their Reading Rocks program, general volunteer membership and technical support volunteering. The Reading Rocks program, is particularly popular, where you work one-one-one ONLINE with a child to develop hands-on and engaging activities and games to explicitly teach phonemic awareness/phonics, build sight word vocabulary, and increase fluency.

Empowerment Squared:


Empowerment Squared offers you an opportunity to make a long-lasting, positive difference in the lives of marginalized youth and families. As a mentor with Empowerment Squared you are making a strong, collective statement about how much and how many people believe in the development of vibrant communities and empowerment of youth. Programs include Homework Circle, E-Movement, and At Home Safety.


Event Schedule:

6:00 - Welcome Introduction 

6:10 - Frontier College Presentation

6:20 - Hand over Hand Network Presentation

6:30 - Learning Disability Association of Halton Presentation 

6:40 - Empowerment Squared Presentation

6:50 - PARSEC tutoring Presentation

7:00 - TBD

7:10 - Breakout Q&A session 

7:30 - Event Ending 

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