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My Year Plan

Michelle Mariaprabhu.jpg

Reasons to Contact Me​

  1. Sustainability!!! Anything and everything to do with sustainability.

  2. How the MSS plans on utilizing its resources.

  3.  To learn how I am planning on growing with this new role on the MSS.

  4. Rain!!! And sunsets :)

Michelle Mariaprabhu

Sustainability Officer –

Life Sciences III

About Me

Hey everyone! I'm Michelle, and I am beyond thrilled to be your new Sustainability Officer for the 2020-2021 calendar year. I'm super excited to work with the MSS to ensure that we are taking all the necessary steps to work towards a more sustainable future <3 If you ever wanna find me, I'm either at a PGCLL study room, MDCL third floor tutorial rooms, or at waiting in the Starbucks line for my cold brew!! But no matter where I am I'm probably always holding a cup of coffee:)

Goals and Projects ​

  1. To act as an effective liaison between the MSS and other sustainability groups at McMaster.

  2. To develop and execute sustainability initiatives within the Faculty of Science, and the MSS!

  3.  To track the progress in a quantifiable manner on how sustainable the MSS is in terms of resources.

Fun Fact About Me ​

I used to live in Los Angeles and I probably won't ever stop talking about how beautiful that was because I am obsessed with the west coast!

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