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Hi, I'm George Keliny, the current Hunt Coordinator. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email!

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A message from the Hunt Coordinator:


PURPOSE. In one way or another, we all want or perhaps need a sense of purpose. The Hunt’s overarching motto asks students, “What are YOU hunting for?” There is no ‘right’ answer, except your answer - and let me tell you, I’ve spent the better half of my undergrad career building up to answer this question.


Together, we’ll try and pull off an event like none other on campus. THE SECOND ANNUAL HUNT will push you to your limit - physically, mentally, and emotionally. Bring those biceps, that prefrontal cortex, and most importantly, your cheer game.


WARNING: this event is not for the weak of heart. Proceed at your own risk, but before you do, think up the most creative, entertaining team name you can and jot it down somewhere.


The Hunt will pit 30 teams of 5 against one another in a 2-day action-packed race for the glorious “Hunt Cup” and prize basket. Friday will feature a campus-wide scavenger hunt followed by a ride on the Mystery Machine (keyword: mystery) where your team will continue the competition *doing something I can’t tell you* followed by a bonfire at Alpine Tower.


Saturday will be held exclusively on campus, rotating teams from station to station placing you in Escape Rooms, an obstacle course, and our very own water balloon dodgeball tournament!


YES, there will be food on Friday and Saturday!


This year we’re also excited to announce individual SIGN-UP as well as team registration - hit that REGISTER button below!


This event is for all ages, sizes and aptitudes. We’re not looking for Einsteins or Olympians, rather students who want to have fun and meet others in their faculties!


George Keliny

Hunt Coordinator


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