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A message from the Tutoring Coordinator:

Email: tutoring@mcmastersciencesociety.com

Hello MacSci!


My name is Kevin Gilotra, I am your MSS tutoring coordinator for 2020-2021. I hope to spread the accessibility of the MSS tutoring program this year to students across a diverse range of disciplines and age groups. I hope to build on improving midterm review sessions and partnering with my VP academic to make the service more affordable through the newly designed token system. By the end of the year, I hope that the service will allow for us to hire tutors who teach a wide range of subjects and are able to connect with students through numerous online platforms. I look forward to working with all of the tutors, students and the rest of the MSS this upcoming year.

Kevin Gilotra

Tutoring Coordinator


  1. There are two ways to find a tutor. You can directly email a tutor by clicking on "Find A Tutor" or be matched with an available tutor by clicking "Request A Tutor". 

  2. Your tutor will email you to further discuss location and content.

  3. If you require tutor tokens, fill out the "Request a Tutor Token" Form and you will receive an email within 72 hours with a Tutor Token.

  4. When attending your session, you can pay using one token (FREE of charge) or e-transfer your tutor $15 before the session begins.

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