A message from the Tutoring Coordinator:

Email: tutoring@mcmastersciencesociety.com

Hi there! Thanks for visiting the tutoring page. This is the hub for anyone wishing to be a tutor, anyone needing a tutor, or simply to find out more information about the MSS Tutoring service.

The MSS helps subsidize your sessions to ensure tutoring is affordable while still paying tutors a fair wage. For this, we offer students tutor tokens. You can request tutor tokens by clicking the link on the left, and then use them in your sessions for $10 off/session.

Instructions on how to request a tutor or session are below, but if you have any more inquiries or questions/comments/concerns feel free to contact me by my email.

MSS tutoring will not start until September 21st, 2019. If you have any requests please email tutoring@mcmastersciencesociety.com

Thanks for choosing MSS Tutoring!

Andrew Chen

Tutoring Coordinator


  1. There are two ways to find a tutor. You can directly email a tutor by clicking on "Find A Tutor" or be matched with an available tutor by clicking "Request A Tutor." 

  2. Your tutor will email you to further discuss location and content.

  3. If you require tutor tokens, fill out the "Request a Tutor Token" Form and you will receive an email within 72 hours with a Tutor Token.

  4. When attending your session, pay ($5 with a token or $15 without) the tutor before the session begins.


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