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Vraj Shah

Webmaster –

Honours Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization IV

My Year Plan

About Me

Hey there! My name is Vraj Shah, and I am the Webmaster for the 2019-2020 academic year. I'm SUPER excited to be working with the MSS to enhance people's experiences with the website. If I'm not in class, you can find me in lab or in MDCL study rooms - maybe taking a nap. Outside school, I enjoy pretty much anything that involves being physically or mentally active. This ranges from hiking, sports, puzzles, video games, and reading.

Reasons to Contact Me

  1. You have a question about my goals for the year.

  2. You have issues with the MSS website or see something out of place.

  3. You have a cool suggestion for the MSS website.

  4. You are looking for a buddy who enjoys the things mentioned in my “About Me” section.

  5. You have anime recommendations!

Goals and Projects ​

  1. Make the MSS website more user-friendly and easier to navigate.

  2. Remove unnecessary content on the website that causes people to experience lag.

  3. Make the MSS website mobile-friendly as users have experienced countless problems regarding this in the past.

  4. Maintain an updated calendar of events so Science students are aware of upcoming initiatives.

Fun Fact About Me 

  1. I have the same birthday as my Mom.

  2. At one point, I had a YouTube channel and considered becoming a professional gamer.