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"Welcome to our Science Family. Welcome Home"

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The Sciclones are a group of 163 student representatives within the Faculty of Science. Our team takes pride in our diversity, inclusivity, and positivity with the main goal of assisting first years in their transition to McMaster. With the height of our presence taking place during Welcome Week, Sciclones can often be found on and off campus throughout the week, available to answer questions, give tours, and chat. We are so eager to meet you all in a virtual environment this year, and help everyone navigate these unprecedented times! We are your first point of contact between the students and the McMaster Science Society, using our firsthand experience to ease the transition to university academic and social life. This not only entails guiding tours and answering any questions you may have about your upcoming undergraduate journey, but also involves being a mentor and friend to the first years. Please don't hesitate to ask us anything, or just sit and chat for a while! Above all, we are here for you and help make McMaster feel like home!

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