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Pratik Joshi

Welcome Week Planner –

Honours Biochemistry - Biomedical Research Specialization III

My Year Plan

About Me

My name is Pratik, and I am going into my fourth and final year of university (I'm pretty old, but not exactly gold...yet, I still believe). I'm obsessed with emus, William's banana nut muffins and can often be found listening to Adele and having existential crises because my cells never do what I want them to do.

Reasons to Contact Me​

  1. You are interested in becoming involved with the Sciclone team

  2. You have any improvements that you would like to see in our orientation programming, have any cool ideas to make our campus more welcoming to incoming students

  3. Want to talk about emus.

Goals and Projects β€‹

  1. My main goal for the year is to help develop orientation programming for incoming first year students to successfully integrate them into the academic, social and cultural communities within McMaster.

  2. My second goal is to provide programming that is responsive to the individual needs of our incoming students.

  3. My third goal is to create a stronger connection between the greater Hamilton community and McMaster students, by involving a larger number of community partners in our orientation programming to increase the positive impact McMaster, and the Faculty of Science, has on Hamilton.

Fun Fact About Me β€‹

On vacation, my guide once asked me if I wanted to pet an emu, and I of course wanted to. So I full on learned how to attract and emu so that I could pet it.