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Reasons to Contact Me​

  1. You have any ideas or suggestions on what myself and Sydney can include in our Welcome Week programming this year

  2. You want to learn more about what we do on the Sciclone team, how to get involved, and what our hiring process has typically looked like

  3. You love dogs as much as I do <3 (a lot)

  4. You would like to exchange memes :P

Julianna Marfisi

Welcome Week Planner –

Kinesiology IV

My Year Plan

About Me

Hello friends! My name is Julianna and I am ecstatic to be 1/2 of the Science Welcome Week 2020 Planner duo! Although this is my first time on the MSS Executive, I have been involved in Welcome Week with the Faculty of Science as a General Rep in 2018 and a Rep Executive in 2019. I'm incredibly excited to continue to tackle this role alongside my wonderful Co-Planner Sydney. I'm excited for my continual personal growth in this role, the connections I get to make with my team of 163 of the most extraordinary humans, the part I play in welcoming 2000+ first year Science students to McMaster, and to continue to work alongside the rest of the MSS :) While planning Welcome Week 2020 has presented itself with quite the unexpected challenges thus far, I have great confidence that this year will bring the most meaningful experiences for everyone involved! You can most likely find Sydney and myself anywhere in the basement of BSB (when it's open of course), chugging away on our Google Drive!

Goals and Projects ​

  1. Plan the first ever virtual Welcome Week! Taking place August 31st until September 9th, 2020

  2. Foster a connection between our Faculty, the MSS, the Sciclones team, and all first year Science students

  3. Help the Science Class of 2024 feel adequately prepared for the upcoming fall semester online through our programming

Fun Fact About Me ​

Back in February/March 2018 when I was applying to Sciclones for the first time and was filming a video for my creative piece, my friend and I wanted to re-create the iconic green chalk powder paint throwing that typically has happened for Science Faculty Day. Naturally, we bought green chalk, took out some hammers, and made our own chalk powder in my garage. What we didn't think about was how it would look to passersby on campus, the two of us in lab coats, lab goggles, with army camouflage bandanas tied around our faces, holding bags of powder. Ultimately, this led to a Special Constable approaching my friend and I near University Hall, and having to take down our names and student numbers in case someone complained about the powder :/ He told us that we needed permission to do this, but after talking to him about our reasoning and what we were applying for, he was happy to endorse our passion for getting involved as Science student leaders and mentors!

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