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Reasons to Contact Me​

Feel free to contact me if you'd like to know more about Welcome Week, are interested in the Medical Radiation Sciences program, want to get involved in the Mac Sci Musical, or would like to know more about ultrasounds!! :)

Sydney Ung

Welcome Week Planner –

Medical Radiation Sciences IV

My Year Plan

About Me

Hello there! My name is Sydney Ung and I am so grateful and excited to be one of two Welcome Week Planners for the Faculty of Science! I have been repping with the Sciclones team (Science Representatives) for all three years of my undergraduate journey thus far. Although Welcome Week and the academic school year look very different this year, we, along with several other campus partners are working super hard to make it just as engaging, fun, and memorable! I am thrilled to see how Welcome Week unfolds this year and hope that we can make the transition into university smooth and comfortable for all incoming first years. You can most likely find me at the MSS office or in IAHS (my second home).

Goals and Projects ​

  1. Planning a fun, engaging, and interactive online Welcome Week for all students

  2. Ensuring that students feel connected to the Sciclones through online platforms

Fun Fact About Me ​

Throughout quarantine, I've been reconnecting with some of my roots (aka playing Maplestory and Minecraft with my family) and my only source of exercise is Just Dance (or the rare walk/bike ride around the neighbourhood). I also love singing, dancing, and watching dramas. :D Another fun fact is that I am a grandma at memes, if you show me one, you may have to explain it. Sorry!

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