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The Sciclones (Faculty of Science Representatives) made a set of short videos about why so many students chose McMaster, and more importantly MacSci. Whether you want to hear what we have to say about a specific program, or our incredible school in general, we have a video for you!

Why I Chose McMaster

Why I Chose McMaster

Learn more about what makes this school home for so many students in MacSci. 

Why I Chose Life Sciences

Why I Chose LifeSci

Is your ion the Life Sciences program? Click here to learn more!

Why I Chose Integrated Science

Why I Chose iSci

No catalyst is needed for the reaction we know you’ll have after watching this video on Integrated Science!

Why I Chose Kinesiology

Learn more about why we know it’s going tibia wonderful time if you choose Kinesiology!

Why I Chose Kin

Why I Chose Medical Radiation Sciences

Why I Chose MedRad

Click this video if you would like to see some rad students talk about the Medical Radiation Sciences program!

Why I Chose Earth and Environmental Sciences

Why I Chose EarthSci

Learn more about the Earth and Environmental Sciences program to see how gneiss it truly is!

Why I Chose Chemical and Physical Sciences

Why I Chose ChemPhys

Check out this video to hear alkynes of fantastic insight on the Chemical and Physical Sciences program!

Why I Chose Mathematics and Statistics

Why I Chose Math & Stats

After watching this, it won’t be hard to derive why Mathematics and Statistics is the program for you!

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